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Reine Medicine Membership

The best healthcare outcome requires attention to detail and taking the time to dive deep into your health, and how you respond to care. We've developed the Reine Medicine Membership to create an all-inclusive concierge service that is more affordable than most other options available. The Reine Medicine Membership includes all visits, hormone prescriptions, and comprehensive hormone testing. This is the type of healthcare we all need and deserve.

Membership Benefits
(what's included)

Visits with Dr Heiger

All office visits, telemedicine appointments, portal messaging, texting, and phone calls.

Discount on Supplements

20% off all supplements from FullScript. Discount codes available for most recommended supplements outside of FullScript. 

Bio-Identical Hormone Prescriptions

All Compounded Bio-identical Hormone Prescriptions. Estrogens, Progesterone, Testosterone, and DHEA.

Access to Online Community 

Free access to the online Reine Medicine Community.

You'll have the opportunity to connect with other women as well as have access to all content -- live events, recorded masterclasses, articles, recipes, and more. 

Comprehensive Hormone Testing

One Comprehensive Urine Hormone Test per year. 

Lab Draws

Local Patients Only


Want more information? Please connect with us! You can also choose to schedule a Discovery Call.

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